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See page 12. See page 18. See page 22. See page 3. See page 14. See page 15. Continued on page 6 Continued on page 10 Continued on page 8 By William S. Bike The Cook County Board on May 11 approved plans to lease and re- develop the old Cook County Hos- pital, located at 1835 W. Harrison St., into apartments, a hotel, retail facilities, restaurants, and parking. The lease plan is part of the board's efforts to upgrade its Cook County Health and Hospitals System central campus within the Illinois Medical District; it follows An independent community newspaper since 1983. Near West/Tri-Taylor University Village West Loop South Loop West Haven Bridgeport/Armour Square Chinatown Bronzeville East Pilsen Heart of Chicago June 3, 2016 FREE Vol. 34, No. 2 Other highlights: Five-hundred unit residential project unlikely to be built. GoFundMe campaign helping hit-and-run victim. RFMA meets officials on Lake Street infrastructure plans. INSIDE Chicagoans are ready for Summer in the City. By Susan S. Stevens The Coalition to Save Our Mental Health Centers and several area Roman Catholic churches are cir- culating petitions to place on the Near West Side's November bal- lot a proposed increase of $4 per $1,000 of property taxes to create a mental health center for 140,000 community residents. No one would be turned away for inability to pay. Services would be free after a person has exhaust- ed all available payment subsidies such as Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. The tax increase of .025% would amount to a $16 a year increase for a homeowner paying $4,000 in property taxes. "The initial response has been quite positive," said Michael Sned- eker, executive director of the Coa- lition to Save Our Mental Health Centers, who noted that people have told his group "It's not that much money" and "at least we are being asked." In addition to circu- lating petitions at churches, stores, parks, and other places where community members meet, "a lot of people are going door to door," Snedeker said. The mental health center would supplement existing services in the area-services dramatically re- duced starting in 2004 when seven of the City's 19 outpatient mental health centers and an inpatient substance abuse center closed. In 2012, six others closed. Now the City is down to six, Snedeker said. A coalition of churches kicked off the campaign in May: Old St. Petitions call for special tax to provide Near West Side mental health services Several Queen of Peace students are honored. Hope Caf offers outreach, food, and hope for local community. By Dan Kolen With the unprecedented State bud- get impasse going past its tenth month, a variety solutions have been brought up to resolve Illi- nois's stalemate, including con- cerned citizens creating petitions to recall Governor Bruce Rauner. Public dissatisfaction with the governor's performance has grown from 31% at the time of his inau- guration to 50% in March 2016, ac- cording to the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Constitutional mechanisms to recall the governor are more com- plex than reacting to a rising dis- approval rate. "The recall law makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to recall the governor," said Michael Pagano, dean, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). The law sets "an extraordinarily high bar," he said. Illinois passed a constitutional amendment on recall in 2010 in response to scandals associated with former Governor Rod Blago- jevich. Before a recall can appear on the ballot, the law mandates thousands of Illinois citizens' sig- natures, a minimum of ten Repub- licans and ten Democrats in the House in favor of a recall, and five Republicans and five Democrats in favor in the Senate. These steep requirements drew Law makes it difficult to recall governor in the State of Illinois Redevelopment plans announced for old Cook County Hospital Plans call for the Old Cook County Hospital and surrounding areas to undergo a $600 million redevelopment that will include apartments, retail, and parking.

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